Booster and Piston Vacuum Systems: CC-Vakuumsysteme (direktgekoppelt)

Modell: CC4015, CC5430, CC8530, CC1650, CC1685

Die direktgekoppelten, mechanischen Booster-Vakuumpumpensysteme der Marke Kinney® CC wurden für ein schnelles Abpumpen und hohe Pumpgeschwindigkeiten entwickelt.

Very fast pumpdown for short cycles
High pumping speed over a wide pressure range
Single motor and control operates both pumps
Both pumps start at atmosphere - no pressure switch or bypass manifold required
Low ultimate pressure capability of 0.2 micron
Very low vibration characteristics
Compact, simple assembly with minimum floor area required
Optional internal mechanical shaft seals for booster, for applications where seconds count in cycle and pumpdown time