Single-Stage A Series : Flüssigkeitsring – Einstufige A-Reihe

Modell: A5, A10, A15, A20, A75, A100, A130, A200, A300


A Series Single-Stage

Schlichtes Design, robuste Konstruktion
Gefertigt für die schwersten, industriellen Bedingungen
Unique design allows pump to operate flooded,
  without damage
Flat power curve over entire vacuum range prevents motor
kein Kontakt zwischen arbeitenden Komponenten im Gehäuse
Herunterfahrbar auf 29 Zoll Hg – 25 Torr (33 mbar a)
Increased water handling capability prevents heat build-up,
  extends life of single mechanical seal
reduziert die Beanspruchung von Motorwelle und Lagern
Available in stainless steel, bronze, or cast iron (A200 & A300 models available in cast iron)
Compact, close-coupled design eliminates need for
  interstage manifold or motor alignment

A Series pumps are not as susceptible to cavitation compared to flat plate design because the flow path through the pump is an axial flow. This allows the velocity through the pump to be unchanged and carries the air out effortlessly.
It is not unusual for these pumps to run 24/7 operation for years without maintenance.
A Series pumps are vibration-free and environmentally friendly with no oil used for lubrication, and no oil discharged to atmosphere.
Complete, self-contained systems including liquid recovery and recirculation are available.